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Adam & Teri are a husband and wife cinematography duo chronicling couples, companies & creatives. They love to capture the moments of your life, brand, or organization and tell a story that will last for a lifetime. 

As a non-profit leader, United Way has many stories to tell. These stories allow our donors and volunteers to more deeply understand the impact of our work. Adam Hill possesses a great talent for telling stories through film. He puts our clients at ease in front of the camera and works collaboratively with our staff to create an amazing product. We love working with Adam and appreciate the gifts that he shares with our organization.
— Amy Meek, United Way
When working with Adam, I am confident that my project goals will come to fruition. Adam is a good listener and intuitive, and is an expert at using film and technology to construct exactly what I’m looking for in a film project.
— Wendy Cash, Seven Rivers Christian School
My husband & I feel so blessed to have had Adam & Teri as our wedding videographers. They are the type of artists that aren’t just looking to film a wedding, but looking to capture your specific wedding & the way it felt that day. They have a way of filming what made that day beautiful to you, the actual feeling of the entire day rather than just generic footage. As many times as I have re-watched it, I cannot see it without being completely transported back every time.
— Jen Anderson, Bride

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